Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #53- deepest,darkest

Sunday Scribblings

Deepest, Darkest

I don't tell anyone my deepest, darkest secrets.
I don't tell anyone my deepest darkest fears.
I don't tell anyone my deepest darkest hopes.
I don't tell anyone my deepest darkest dreams.
I don't tell anyone my deepest,darkest thoughts.
I don't tell anyone much at all.

I wonder if they really knew what went rattling through my brain most days what would they think of me?
Would they be surprised? Would they even care?
Would I?
Do I?
I do.

Sometimes I sit and look at people and think "If you only knew, really KNEW, what I think about you, feel about you, you'd probably slap me silly. Or hate me. You certainly wouldn't be sitting here talking to me, telling me all this inane blahdidy, blah,blah,blah that you keep going on and on and on about. I wouldn't have to sit here and be polite and smile and nod and make noises like I really,truly give a damn about whatever it is that you keep barfing out all over me.


sarala said...

Interesting post on the theme. I wrote a bit on being told people's secrets but then decided on a different easier theme.

Crafty Green Poet said...

It's the same for us all I think, we're all sitting there wondering what other people would think...

Jemima said...

But it is liberating when you spill a little and find out you're ok in others' eyes.

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